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What Do I Bring?

The Boater's Duffel Bag:

All our tips to enjoy your sailboat cruise

Coastal Navigation Sailing Course

The boater's duffel bag:

 All our tips to enjoy your sailboat cruise
Updated: July 19

If you are a crew heading to Florida in the middle of August, you might think that you must pack sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses, and a swimsuit. Well, weather conditions are not the same on the beach or on a boat.
You must be prepared and pack the right things in order to enjoy your on the water adventure. We list here very important advice for summer or winter sailing trips.
Our recommendations are based on our guest's experience and feedback from them.

Avoid a suitcase, select a duffel bag!
Our first piece of advice: whatever your destination and the season of your boating event, forget the suitcases and other rigid containers, and opt for a soft canvas or waterproof bag. Choose a light bag, and make sure it is not too big. Space is limited on board! There is virutally no storage for excess.
You can also bring smaller bags that will travel within your main bag: A beach bag, a small backpack, and a day bag are recommended if you plan to go on shore.

What clothes do you need for a sailing adventure?
Pile everything you think you need and cut it by at least 75%!
Most people bring too many clothes on board. It takes space and creates an extra burden to you and to your fellow mates. 

There is no washing machine on board!
No worries, if you are staying for several weeks, you will often find laundromats  on land nearby the ports. You do not need hundreds of shirts, T-shirts or pants.
Choose clothes that are not sensitive to water, humidity, or salt.
Even in the summer, be prepared for cooler temperatures. No need to bring too many warm clothes but think of the evening colder weather. It is always colder on the water than on shore.
For Summer or tropical cruises: 
Florida/ Caribbean
These are general recommendations only. Please be prepared to adapt your choices based on the weather forecast and the risk of mosquitoes and other insects you may find on the way.
Off-season cruising (Spring – Fall-Winter)
Don't leave without being equipped for a fall or winter trip. No one would go skiing in the middle of winter without the proper equipment, so it's the same on an off-season boating.

What to bring on board
A waterproof or  warm watch jacket
Waterproof pants
Deck shoes
A spare pair of  shoes
A pair of boots are highly recommended
A hat, scarf, and gloves 
Warm underwear and   socks – Long sleeve
Warm hat
Light, practical, and  warm clothing
A warm sweater and one or two comfortable fleeces
2 or 3 pairs of  comfortable and soft deck pants
Plenty of  long-sleeved T-shirts
1 towel  
Leave behind your:
Your expensive jewelry or watches
Your unnecessary credit cards
Your preferred discount cards or gym membership pass
Your non-essential keys. Bring only your home and car keys
Hair dryer and straighteners – you will be in the water a lot!
Packing a Bag
Diving in the Reef
Travel Bag
Sailing Trip
Brown Luxury Soap
Zero Waste Bathroom
Net Bag and Glass Jars


WE are 100% Eco Friendly.


We Care about our environment, Please help us take care of Our oceans and all that it the world has to offer.


Please only bring non toxic, all natural sprays for insects.

Pesticides are not allowed.

These sprays, soaps and shampoos work great and highly recommended!  

Proceeds go to preserving the Lagoon, our oceans and our marine life that is starving due to pollution.

Feel free to click on the links to purchase.

No Natz, No MOsquitoz,  -


An all natural bug spray. Its one of my favorites. It work GREAT!

Soaps and shampoo.  - no plastic, non phosphorus, All natural.  You can purchase these items only meant for salt water and non poisonous to the seas.  All of the grey water leaves the boat once it goes down the drain.

AMAZON carries these items (suggestions):


3- Soaps














Now think about the essentials of your sailor's bag!

Clothes are not the only things to check when you go cruising on a boat.                      

A complete set of equipment is necessary to face the hazards of the sea and not to be caught off guard. Be prepared!

Sunscreen/Sunblock  and Lip balm with a sufficiently high protection index 

Insect repellant- no deet or other pesticidal sprays!

Sunglasses with a cord  to avoid losing them

A cap or hat is essential to protect you from the sun

A pair of sailing gloves i your plan on cruising.

Warm gloves for winter and night watches

A headlamp or flashlight

Your toiletries kit (travel size).

Minimal makeup

Earplugs and eyeshades

A personal first aid kit with your own medication.


You can add motion sickness pills or wrist bands

Your cell phone and its charger. Not all boats are equipped with a 110/220V AC outlet. Remember to bring an alternative charger, such as a 12V or solar charger!

If you plan on staying onboard, a sleeping bag is highly recommended. Talk to the skipper to verify if he provides linen.   

Plastic bags or  waterproof pouches to protect your electronic devices (computer, tablet, camera)

Sea Horse can provide for 3 people to sleep in bed or bunk. If you have a 4th person you'll need to bring an inflatable mattress              

Wrapped Soap
Natural Soap
Homemade Natural Soap

Years of Experience

Drying Up
Sailing Trip

Clean Toiletries

Sailing Time
Sail Boat in Tropics

Fair winds  & following seas.

While this isn't something we normally do for charters, don't forget:

Cruising out of the country.
Don't forget your passport or ID. 
Vaccination cards or COVID-19 required documentation if any (tests results, ...)

Most of our stays are just in the port where ship to shore transport is provided.
Credit cards (do not bring credit cards you are unlikely to use)
Books. You may have plenty of time to relax and read
Notebook and pen
Your camera.

We hope that all this advice will help you to prepare for your next overnight sailboat stay or sailing experience.



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